1 in 3 Americans are drinking alcohol while working from home, according to new study

A new study from American Addiction Centers has revealed that about one in three Americans are drinking alcohol while working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. The study revealed that the percentage of Americans drinking during work hours varies drastically between states, with 67% of Hawaii residents drinking while working, compared to just 8% of Arkansans. 

According to Healthline , the study’s threshold of alcohol consumption was at least “two units”, which is the equivalent of a standard glass of wine. The survey also found that men are 10% more likely to drink on the job than women, with 36% of men and 26% of women surveyed saying they’re drinking on the job.

Work-from-home drinking: The key findings

Addiction concerns are raised

The news comes as concerns are raised regarding how quarantine may affect those who struggle with substance abuse. Alcoholic beverage sales rose by 55% in late March, raising fears of alcohol dependency in a time of potential mental and emotional difficulties for many. Recent findings revealed that 35% of people working from home say their mental health has worsened, worrying experts from the World Health Organization. Many are concerned that the lack of routine and face-to-face support could cause many to lapse into alcohol dependency. 

However, there are also numerous other factors which could account for a rise in drinking, including seasonal factors and the reduction in travel for many, eliminating drink-driving concerns. 

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Worried about your alcohol intake?

If you are concerned that your alcohol intake has significantly increased while working from home, or due to fears over the coronavirus pandemic, you can contact services such as Alcohol.org , or call their addiction helpline 888-685-5770, for expert advice on managing your consumption and physical health.